100 Swedish Kronas, Commemorative of 2005

Image of the face

Image of the back

Issuing authority: Sveriges Riksbank
In circulation since: 2005
Substrate: Paper
Dimensions: 170mm × 92mm

Mother Sweden, allegory


Blueprint of Tumba paper mill from 1804 and a picture from the Diderot Encyclopaedia 1751-1780, showing paper manufacture

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1 Windowed security thread

A holographic thread that when held up to the light shows the “three crowns”, which changes to the denomination "100" when the note is held at an angle. When light is shone through it, the thread reads as a black line with a negative text of "100".

The Executive Board of the Riksbank decided in June 2004 that a special banknote would be issued to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the founding of Tumba Bruk banknote paper mill. The issuance date for the banknote is 26 May 2005. The banknote is legal tender.

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