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Counterfeit Banknotes Detected in October 2014

Counterfeit $100, Serial No. KL 46632875 C Simulated Fed's $100 note of 2006A series Alphanumeric Fed bank index: L12Check letter, quadrant no.: C3Check letter, face type-plate no.: C243Back type-plate no.: 120 Counterfeit $100, Serial No. AB 09471212 D Simulated Fed's $100 note of 1996 series Alphanumeric Fed bank index: B2Check letter, quadrant no.: G4Check letter, face... Read more

Danmarks Nationalbank Ceasing Banknote Production

More and more people pay for their purchases/services by credit card and smartphone. In this context, the Danish National Bank (Nationalbanken) has announced it won't be printing notes and minting coins any longer. Nationalbanken plans to outsource all its printing/minting activities by 2017.  'Although cash volumes in Denmark's circulation are still large, public demand for new notes/coins has been falling in the recent years,... Read more

National Bank of Kyrgyz Republic Issuing Commemorative KGS 100/200 Banknotes

For the 150th anniversary of Toktogul Satylganov, a prominent Kyrgyz aqyn, composer, and trump player, and the 100th anniversary of Alykul Osmonov, a famous Kyrgyz poet, playwright, and translator, the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic has issued commemorative KGS 100 and 200 banknotes with memorable letterings 'Токтогулга 150 жыл' and 'Алыкул Осмоновго 100 жыл' since 20 October 2014. Commemorative KGS 100... Read more

Bank of England awarded new banknote printing contract to De La Rue.

Bank of Engkand awarded new banknote printing contract to De La Rue Read more

Monthly Newsletter Banknotes of the World #10, 2014

In the October 2014 issue of the Banknotes of the World newsletter, read about the most important cash circulation changes worldwide and best practices in integrating cash cycle optimization solutions! We're announcing the 2015 BoW subscription and presenting new e-products!  Inside this issue: Conferences & ExhibitsIn early September, Sochi hosted international banking forum Russian Banks: 21st Century attended by... Read more

New Norway banknote design- high-quality and sophisticated image.

October 7 2014- Norway National Bank competition dedicated to new currencies design succesfullly resulted in high-quality concepts. Read more

1,500 Counterfeit Banknotes Seized in Samara Region

Over 9 months, almost 1,500 fake notes including 1,149 RUB 5,000, 272 RUB 1,000, 39 RUB 500, and 11 $100 were seized in Samara Region Read more

Sweden: On the Road to 'Cashless' Society

4 out of 5 purchases in Sweden are done by wire transfer or debit card. The cheaper technologies develop, the faster the country moves to 'cashless' society Read more

Belarus Republic withdraws from circulation BYR 50 note.

Belarus Republic withdeaws from circulation BYR 50 note on 1 July 2016, Read more

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